the future of full flight simulation is here.
introducing the Avion Sim A320 FFS

The Avion Sim FFS is unlike any other FFS on the planet. Why?

The Avion Sim Full Flight Simulator is the most advanced FFS in the world. We designed it from the ground up without being constrained by conventional wisdom.
These were our goals:

  • the lowest weight of any FFS
  • everything on-board
  • environmental toughness
  • minimum facility requirements
  • extremely low maintenance
  • extremely low costs

We succeeded.

Avion Sim FFS: Your advantage

The Avion Sim FFS's innovative features ensure that not only the quality but also the reliability of your flight training is assured. These are some of the unique features of the Avion Sim FFS that give you a cost and quality advantage:

  • no multi-level facility required
  • super-low weight
  • on-board servers
  • on-board air conditioning
  • easy software/hardware upgrades
  • latest-gen motion and control loading
  • innovative visual system
  • integrated staircase with emergency access

Avion Sim FFS: The Specs

The first Avion Sim FFS model available is the A320 with other aircraft to follow. The following specifications are applicable to all Avion Sim FFS models:

  • certification level: FAA/EASA FFS Level D
  • motion system: E2M Technologies 6-DOF fully electric
  • control loading: E2M Technologies electromechanical actuators
  • visual system: 200x40 FOV cross-cockpit collimated display
  • computer servers: All-solid state fully on-board HP servers
  • air conditioning: On-board A/C with smoke generation
  • I/O architecture: Custom Ethernet replacing conventional ARINC

For more detailed specifications, please contact us.
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About Avion Sim

Although Avion Sim, an Avion Group company, based in The Netherlands, was founded in 2015, our team has many years of experience in the field of flight simulation and commercial airlines. We combine the best ideas and out-of-the-box thinking to design a product which is easy to use for the people who actually use it: pilots, flight instructors and maintenance personnel.

Our relentless drive to produce the most innovative, yet cost-effective full flight simulator is what makes us proud. Our passion makes it possible for more airlines and flight training organizations to provide high-quality training when conventional simulators are out of reach, financially and organizationally.

Avion Sim

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Avion Sim is an Avion Group company

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